_PurpleLogSet Struct Reference

Describes available logs. More...

#include <log.h>

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Data Fields

PurpleLogType type
 The type of logs available.
char * name
 The name of the logs available.
 The account the available logs took place on.
gboolean buddy
 Is this (account, name) a buddy on the buddy list?
char * normalized_name
 The normalized version of name.

Detailed Description

Describes available logs.

By passing the elements of this struct to purple_log_get_logs(), the caller can get all available PurpleLogs.

Definition at line 163 of file log.h.

Field Documentation

PurpleAccount* _PurpleLogSet::account

The account the available logs took place on.

This will be NULL if the account no longer exists. (Depending on a logger's implementation of list, it may not be possible to load such logs.)

Definition at line 166 of file log.h.

char* _PurpleLogSet::normalized_name

The normalized version of name.

It must be set, and may be set to the same pointer value as name.

Definition at line 175 of file log.h.

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