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Conversation themes

Note: this document is for the 3.0.0 branch. The currently released 2.x.y version does not support conversation themes.

Note: this document is under construction.

Adium Message Styles

Most of Adium's message themes should be easily portable to Pidgin. However, there are some slight differences. Some of them may break specific features, but some may remain unnoticed.

  • Adium uses the isEmoticon HTML attribute for embedded smileys, we use the emoticon CSS class.
  • Adium themes does not support PurpleRemoteSmiley TODO: explain, which JavaScript routines have to be implemented
  • In Adium, if you click the smiley image, it will be replaced with its text. In Pidgin, it's enough for you to hover on the image to get the hint. It was implemented by the imageSwap JavaScript routine in Adium.
  • TODO: check and fill other differences
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