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GSoC2009: Telepathy prpl

Student: Felix Kerekes


This project aims to create a Pidgin protocol plugin that will handle Telepathy connections. This will allow Pidgin to use any protocol supported by the Telepathy framework and benefit from the advantages provided by the Telepathy stack

To do

  • Basic tasks (high priority)
    • Export multiple prpls for each telepathy supported protocol (DONE)
    • Implement login and close (DONE)
    • Fetch buddy list (DONE)
    • Perform text messaging (DONE)
    • Handle presence and status for buddies (DONE)
    • Group buddies into groups (DONE)
      • Does not yet support having a buddy in more than one group
    • Handle self presence and status (DONE)
    • Handle avatars for buddies (DONE)
    • Handle self avatar (DONE)
    • Send and receive typing notifications (DONE)
  • Advanced tasks (low priority)
    • Support for adding and accepting buddies (DONE)
    • Implement chatroom/MUC support (DONE)
    • Integrate with Mission Control
    • Handle allow/ignore lists
      • This could and probably should wait for the privacy rewrite project to finish
    • Implement file transfer support
      • This feature will wait until the prpl is polished and stable enough

Known issues

  • Accounts don't connect by default when libpurple initialises
    • What happens when the AccountManager? lists accounts as disabled, but they are set to autoconnect in the UI?
    • Also, by default purple disables the account when quiting, should it also be disabled in AM?
  • Avatar can only be set after the account is connected (I hope all protocols allow avatars to be set after connection too)
    • This can be fixed by caching the properties after an initial connect
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