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This is a tutorial to create a new Client for libpruple.

There is an implementation of a testclient in the project im.pidgin.libpurple.testclient

Create a new Project

Create a new Android project with a name of your choice.

Get the libs

You have 2 Ways of getting libpurple:

Source (takes some time)

Check out the android branch and build it. See compiling help.

Then copy the file build.ant from the testclient project to your project and adapt it to your project name.

Compiled binaries

Download the distrubuted package.

Create a libs/armeabi directory in your android project. Copy all library files to that direcotry.

Copy the jar file to the directory libs. Right-Click on it and select Build Path->Add to build path.

A .tar.gz with all .so-Files and with a .jar file for the java classes will released in the end of the project.

Set android properties

Go to the project properties of your new project.

Select the Android entry. Add im.pidgin.libpurple project to the list of libraries.

Select Java Build path. In the tab Projects, add im.pidgin.libpurple. In the tab Order and Export, check that project.


You are ready to use libpurple. Call PurpleInstance?.createInstance() to get a reference to libpurple.

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