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  • PurpleCipher
  • PurpleDesktopItem
  • PurpleObject

In Progress

  • PurpleConnection
    • Create default implementation of virtual methods (or explicitly make them pure)
    • Replace purple_signal_emit with g_signal_emit
    • Inherit from PurpleObject? instead of GObject
    • use g_return_if_fail(PURPLE_IS_CONNECTION(gc)) instead of g_return_if_fail(gc != null)
  • PurpleAccount
    • Move object initialization to purple_account_init from purple_account_new
  • PurpleAccountManager
  • PurpleNotify
  • PurpleRequest and friends

ecoffey's horribly ill-informed gobjectification checklist

  • Update methods to use priv (g_type_class_add_private)
  • s/purple_signal_emit/g_signal_emit
  • Inherit from PurpleObject
  • More to come!
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