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(11:52:15) elb: basically, I'm thinking that we set up an "incoming" monotone server (perhaps on a different hostname, which can simply be handled by Usher), where CPWs/translators/etc. can commit to, say, im.pidgin.cpw.username.<anything> or im.pidgin.translator.langcode, and then there is a server that pulls from that through some validation hooks ... so that the username on the key (of which there are only a limited number of valid keys on the outward-facing server) signing a branch cert has to match the username of the branch name, etc.

(11:52:23) elb: then push that to the main server

(11:53:23) elb: this will allow approvals to be used correctly, even ... so, say, resiak could work on a tree owned by khc, and commit to it on the incoming server, and then khc could approve resiak's changes, at which point they would show up on im.pidgin.cpw.khc.whatever on the main monotone server

(11:53:53) elb: then regular developers can either mtn merge or mtn pluck particular changes and revisions from those branches, as cpws say they are ready

(11:54:03) elb: (this should probably be an email to devel@)

(11:54:07) elb: (I'll do that later)

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