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Changes to the Vanilla Trac installation

This is a place to keep track of changes that have been made to customize the trac installation.

1.0 Plugins

Previous Plugins

1.0 Patches

  • Reduce session timeout (PURGE_AGE) to 1 day in web/
  • Modified the query module and reports modules to interact better (Patch)

1.0 Template Changes

  • Custom site header to integrate with (site.html)
  • Error Page customization to handle redirecting to registration screen for ticket creation (site.html)
  • New Ticket customization to add link to TipsForBugReports, request that ticket submitters search for duplicates, and note that we don't support third-party plugins. (site.html)
  • apache2 redirect from /simpleticket to /newticket (new SimpleTicketPlugin works differently)
  • Linkify reporter, owner, version, and components to the ticket query system (site.html)
  • Linkify keywords to Google Site Search for (site.html)
  • Add (space separated) to the Keywords label on ticket pages (site html)
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