New Pidgin Website

It would also be nice if the webpage were easy to localize, as lots of translators have offered to translate our webpage.

Website Wireframes

Please take a look at these WebsiteWireframes and make some comments.

New Website Structure

  • Home
    • Logo
    • Download button/info (detect platform for default download link, ala
    • What is Gaim? intro (a short paragraph - maybe even just a few phrases with link to About page)
    • news/updates summary with link to archive
    • links to Developer site, Support, and Add-ons
  • Download - Windows installer primary, all others available
  • About Pidgin - screenshots, etc.
  • Support - Contact, FAQ, docs, etc.
  • News - Updates, planet.
  • Add-ons - plugins & themes

Links Required on All Pages

  • Home
  • Get Pidgin (aka, Download)
  • What is Pidgin? (aka, About) - seanegan - I don't think we need this in global navigation. An explanation on the front page should suffice, which a possible "Learn more..." link from there.
  • Developers?
  • Anything else?
  • seanegan: I think a Support page would be useful too. This would cover the FAQ, Bug Reports and Contact Info pages from the Gaim site and should be distinct from the Developer site lschiere: while I think a support page with easy access to submit a bug report and see the FAQ is useful and needed, we do NOT under any circumstances want a forum.
  • nwalp: How about a "Community" page, pointing at the IRC channel, forums, maybe the themes/plugins/etc tracker?
  • lschiere: With the feedback I got on faqomatic, it appears that we'll have the faq here in So while the support page would quite reasonably have a link to it, the faq itself would not be there. We could set up two wikis instead, but that seems like overkill to me. A page listing resources like the mailing lists, the IRC channel (eventually jabber channel?) would certainly be a good idea.

sgarrity: Maybe non-home pages don't actually need any global navigation beyond a link back to the home page.

Sections on old (Gaim) Site

  • News - incorporate this directly into the home page - no need for a permanent menu link to it, the end of the home page news can have a link for "old news"
  • What is Gaim? - The home page should start this off with a short description and link to a general About Pidgin page
  • Documentation - still need this? if so, merge with Support page
  • FAQ - Merge with Support page
  • Screenshots - Merge with About Pidgin page
  • Downloads - Prominent Windows download on home page, link to download page with all other formats
  • Windows Port - Does this need it's own page? Is it really a "port'? In a lot of senses it is, there is a lot of win32 specific information on the existing win32 page, and many bugs win32 users report are specific to that platform.
  • Plugins - still need this?
  • Themes - drop it. Hmmm. we will need something to replace it.'s ticket system won't do the job without degrading its usefulness. Similarly we will need something for plugins.
  • Bug reports - this is covered by the ""

I disagree, see below --elb)

maybe merge with Support page? --sgarrity

  • Project Page - this is covered by the ""
  • Contact Info - this is covered by the ""

This and bug reports are things that users might not associate with "developer" activities -- they should probably have "user-friendly" (heh) links --elb

maybe merge with Support page? --sgarrity

That's what I was thinking when I suggested a support page seanegan

That sounds great to me, I'm in complete support (pun intended) of that!, anyone? Bug reports will probably have to be linked back to in some fashion, but users should be able to find them without thinking "oh, I'm a developer". elb exists, but is currently empty. One of the reasons we chose trac was for the integration between tracker, VCS, and wiki. So we definitely do not want to actually *move* the tracker to, but I am definitally a fan of providing easy links there. --lschiere

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