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Ethan Blanton

(a.k.a. elb)

Ethan has been working on Pidgin since 2002, and got started by "scratching an itch" related to character encodings. He is the author of the IRC plugin, the Tcl loader plugin, and still puts a hand in on i18n issues from time to time. He is currently working for Fiji Systems, a vendor of real-time Java solutions and Interrupt Sciences, a computer science consulting firm.

My personal web page and my blog may be of interest (particularly the blog's IM tag).

Some of my ideas regarding a desire for an end-to-end XMPP crypto plugin can be found at EndToEndXMPPCrypto. Which annoyingly doesn't auto-linkify.

Thanks to wabz for figuring out the photo business, so you can all see my beautiful mug.


  • IRC: elb on
  • Jabber:



elisp for Pidgin development

Emacs users, here's some elisp I use for Pidgin development:

(c-add-style "elb" '("k&r"
		     (c-tab-always-indent . t)
		     (c-basic-offset . 4)
		     (indent-tabs-mode . nil)))
(c-add-style "pidgin" '("k&r"
			(c-tab-always-indent . t)
			(c-basic-offset . 8)
			(indent-tabs-mode . t)
			 (statement-cont . ++))))

(defun pidgin-c-mode ()
  (cond ((posix-string-match "code/pidgin" (buffer-file-name))
	 (c-set-style "pidgin"))
        (t (c-set-style "elb"))))

(add-hook 'c-mode-hook 'pidgin-c-mode)

This hook can be used to set formatting based on the directory of the current buffer; on my machines, all of my Pidgin development takes place in ~/code/pidgin/..., so the buffer-file-name comparison automatically sets Pidgin formatting preferences on those buffers (while leaving the rest of my buffers with my preferred formatting). In reality I have a number of such comparisons for various projects that I work on.

Open Tickets assigned to elb:

More right click options for nickname lists on channels on IRC
Error reading blist.xml
IRC commands not working
No ability to resume in IRC file transfers
IRC contacts don't change status to away
Silc whiteboard spams users with dialog boxes.
SILC stops working after network reconnect
Enhance usability of silc private group chat
Friendly name with RTL characters do not display properly
Display channel modes
Remember ignores for IRC
IRC shows connected after failing to connect
IRC encoding per channel
User's who are SOP on IRC do not have an icon next to their name.
/join does not open chat window when persistent is enabled
When paste from clipboard, message is alwais sent in utf-8 regardless to account's settings
Oper Support
buddy status (online/offline) not updated
A non-offline IRC accounts in Pidgin stops SCIM
need support for several servers, and hopefully for creatig accounts on the fly
Freenode (IRC) WHOIS output will be changing
long messages in IRC silently dissapear
pidgin can't connect to SSL IRC server with authentication enabled without saved passwords
Pidgin 2.5.5 (WinXP) not refreshing silc buddies correctly
SILC commands missing
feature-request: default irc-realname other than "purple"
Support multiple IRC servers on same host
/help shows /me twice on IRC
Additional information on IRC /whois
Best features for /list command
+a IRC Not reconized.
IRC colors not working
Part/disconnect does not remove you from channel
IRC ranks
Emtpy chan for irc
Passive DCC
Nick completion doesn't work if someone has voice and op status in a channel
SILC connect server is defaulted and it isn't clear that it needs to be changed when the network changes
IRC topic query -no date info returned
Protected ops don't show on IRC user list
connecting to irc floods irc server
CTCP reply flood
IRC: /names command doesn't work for non-joined channels
Pidgin opens identical second tab if server sends JOIN without PART first.
Colours not shown on IRC topics or hostnames
/ignore: invalid command
Notices on IRC
Display of PRIVMSG/NOTICE addressed to $$server, $#hostmask
Display of server (status) messages
IRC op/voice status no longer displayed for channels with many users?
Option to change IRC nickname automatically on Away
SSL handshake failure on reconnect of IRC over SSL
Add DCC CHAT support for IRC connections
IRC contacts appearing offline when they are online.
IRC command "/names #channel" should not require the given channel to be joined and results should pop up in an new window
Option for connecting to an IRC core client on a server
"User already on the channel" error when reconnecting to SILC server
Away message for IRC is shown every message instead of once
Can't connect to freenode
segmentation fault upon joining channel of empty name
List IP Addresses in whois on IRC
[IRC] Pidgin shouldn't highlight on nickname inclusion in topic messages
SILC customizable names
IRC nick color should ignore punctuation etc. characters
set up new IRC account when clicking an irc:// URL
IRC silently parts channel for no reason and leaves channel window open
Constant Disconnects from IRC Channel
IRC disconnect+reconnect spawns 2nd window; closing dead original window issues PART
No icon for & (admin) rank.
/join should take you to the chanel
pidgin leaves all IRC channels before quitting
UI lag in populated IRC rooms
IRC formatting not appearing
Recognize absence of the '#' prefix when joining IRC channel
File transfert is corrupted, at least on IRC
IRC PRPL does not filter \r on its own.
Links to IRC channel websites should be displayed in a more intuitive way. [Obscure number 328]
Typing area too small when opening more than one IRC channel tabs
Can't receive messages to channels like &channel (as opposed to #channel)
Buddy status not updated when using SILC
IRC colour value non-standard in html log
Received CTCP requests are very annoying
IRC icon should be colored after login
Clarify the IRC login options
IRC: Enabling SASL breaks static build
IRC - Flood of "chat invitation" message
Ignore doesn't work
IRC SASL uses the wrong user name
IRC topic set by self triggers alert
Pidgin no longer flags channels with unread messages in IRC
Enable Spontaneous Listing in pidgin
IRC Excess Flood with MessageSplitter and/or OTR
Autojoin on invite
detect IRC Roomlists outside of /list command
IRC plugin uses incorrect port for SSL
Auto execute commands when connecting to a IRC channel
Transfer file on irc cancelled bug
Handle messages larger than IRC_INITIAL_BUFSIZE
[PATCH] SILC prpl fixes and enhancements
irc: should make use of server-sent SASL mechanism list
Pidgin-IRC leaks (OS) user name
IRC mode change hiding
Twitch IRC hangs in large channels
The /me IRC command no longer parses correctly after 2.10.10 upgrade
Twitch IRC Unknown message 'WHO'
Issues with trying to keep Pidgin's IRC purple connected to a server.
Add a perform for irc
Twitch IRC does not understand "Away"
Auto-joined IRC channels, fail to close
Cannot connect to irc with made username In tails
"Segmentation Fault" on IRC server reply
Crash when joining some IRC channels
Yet another IRC crash
Crash of IRC III
IRC: Show own user modes

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