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This is a list of anyone who we think may be violation the license of any part of our project, and the status of the violation. The license is pretty much always the GPL, but could potentially be something else.

Being listed here does not necessarily mean the software in question is a problem--just that someone thinks it should be investigated. Please do not send impolite emails to the creators of software listed here. If you're a copyright holder of code that is a part of our project, you may email someone and ask for clarification or point out violations and request that they be fixed. Please be civil.


DescriptionGaming service, uses libpurple and Pidgin for IM
StatusTheir license is not GPL-compliant and they load pidgin.dll dynamically at runtime. Received contact to say that they plan on releasing source before the end of Aug 2011


DescriptionGaming service, uses libpurple for IM
StatusContacted to request source. Provided link to legally dubious Heliotrope libpurple bridge


DescriptionUses libpurple for IM
StatusMyTribe? will no longer be available after 31st August 2011 as per the announcement at


DescriptionVoice service using libpurple for IM
StatusRequesting source code is a 'feature request' and is something for customer service to deal with :s
It's now possible to download their source: The source code available for download is *not* that of the Voxox client software, but of a very old version of Wengophone (now known as QuteCom?) upon which it is based. The archive contains none of their extensive changes.


(this information is REALLY old and probably out of date)

DescriptionUses Gaim PRPLs to connect to IM networks. They call it "interop."
StatusDo they need to distribute a GPL LICENSE file with their interop stuff? Also questionable how they link to Gaim's code? And if the code has been modified, need to offer source code download?

(this information is REALLY old and possibly out of date)
DescriptionOffer a downloadable IM client based on Pidgin.
StatusThey didn't used to offer source code download. Do they now?

DescriptionIM client for Palm Pre?
StatusNo known problems, but someone should probably glance through their web site

MeBeam Plugin

DescriptionVoice/video chat plugin
StatusNo license specified, included, or otherwise mentioned. No source available.
ContactedA user reports that he has attempted to contact MeBeam, but has not received a response.
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