Progress on various Pidgin / libpurple features

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MSN support

Last updated 07/2008


Google SoC 2006 project on MSNP13 support: the first start on future MSN protocols support, was apparently never merged so it was not complete enough.

Google SoC 2007 project on MSNP14 support: UpdateMsnSupport, continuing from last summer. Did not produce completely problem-free functionality, but a base for what is now in Pidgin trunk and can be enabled by modifying

A branch of Pidgin was finally created for MSNP15 support. Remaining tickets for MSNP14 and MSNP15 were under the "Activate MSNPV14" target. Working on this MSNP14/15 support so that the merging and enabling of it could be considered included especially QuLogic, Masca, and Maiku.

Historically, there have been fewer Pidgin developers interested in MSN support than in some other protocols, which has partially resulted in the non-finished status of the support.


Thanks to the hard work mentioned above, MSN protocol version 15 support was now merged to Pidgin mainline. In practice this means that starting from Pidgin 2.5.0 release, MSNP15 support is enabled by default and support for eg. personalized messages are there.

msn-pecan is an actively developed alternative MSN protocol plugin.


Not all MSNP15 protocol features or Messenger application features are implemented in Pidgin. Work on these may now continue since MSNP15 support has been merged to trunk.

Voice & Video

Last updated 05/2008


Earliest progess: gaim-vv. In 2005 it was stated that gaim-vv people were merging with the gaim proper (gaim is what pidgin was called before). However, this did not happen and the code bases are too different now without a big amount of work.

Could someone add some facts if gaim-vv people are still around or something?


No real code implemented, though the libpurple is nowadays probably more suitable for new features like this than it used to be.


As part of Google's Summer of Code 2008, a voice and video project has been accepted. The plans are to first implement and stabilize voice and video on XMPP (making adding GTalk trivial) and then continuing onto the other protocols.

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