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The goal of this project is to work on im.pidgin.cpw.khc.msnp14 branch and make it stable enough so it can be included in future Pidgin releases. When the first phase it's over, I will proceed to improve and update MSNP features support in libpurple.


  • Fix remaining bugs and improve code quality in msnp14 branch
  • Create a better way to handle SOAP requests in MSN protocol
  • Implement direct P2P file-transfer support
  • Implement extra commands from the MSNP:
    • A buddy has updated his/her Live Spaces
    • View and set personal messages
    • Store display picture and personal message in server
    • Receive/send ‘voice clips’
    • Receive/send drawings
    • Receive/send winks
    • more...

Extra code

  • I wrote a quick XML indenter (based in libxml2) to help debug SOAP messages sent by MSN server, available here: attachment:xmlparser.c . If you just want to indent/print human-readable XML data directly while using libpurple, you are better off calling xmlnode_from_str() and xmlnode_to_formatted_str() from xmlnode.{c,h}
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