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Sample .gtkrc-2.0

The text below is a sample .gtkrc-2.0 file. It is not intended to be simply copied wholesale. Instead, read the text below to find what you need or want and copy only that relevant portion into your .gtkrc-2.0 file.

# When turned on, this option causes gtk to select the contents of an entry field when it becomes focused.
gtk-entry-select-on-focus = 1

# Sets the font used by gtk
gtk-font-name = "Verdana 9"

# Controls the keybindings that gtk uses for text entry/editing/etc
# The "emacs" theme turns on things like:
# ctrl-a == move to beginning of line, ctrl-e == move to end of line, etc.
gtk-key-theme-name = "Emacs"

# The following section allows you to change the style of the conversation
# window widgets, log viewer widget, and request and notify window widgets.
style "imhtml-fix"
font_name = "Sans 10"
# Set the widget style for the conversation entry box
widget "*pidgin_conv_entry" style "imhtml-fix"
# Set the widget style for the conversation
widget "*pidgin_conv_imhtml" style "imhtml-fix"

# Set the widget style for the log viewer
widget "*pidgin_log_imhtml" style "imhtml-fix"

# Set the widget style for IMHtml input widgets in request dialogs
widget "*pidgin_request_imhtml" style "imhtml-fix"
# Set the widget style for IMHtml widgets in notify dialogs
widget "*pidgin_notify_imhtml" style "imhtml-fix"

# It is safe to remove any undesired settings from the following
style "my-style-name" {
  # Change the color of hyperlinks.
  GtkIMHtml::hyperlink-color = "#000080"
  # Change the color of the nick in highlighted messages, e.g. messages containing your nick
  GtkIMHtml::highlight-name-color = "#AF7F00"
  # Change the color of the nick in received message
  GtkIMHtml::receive-name-color = "#cc0000"
  # Change the color of the nick in sent message
  GtkIMHtml::send-name-color = "#204a87"
  # Change the color of the nick in action messages, e.g. "/me likes pidgin"
  GtkIMHtml::action-name-color = "#062585"
  # Change the font of the typing notification in conversation history.
  GtkIMHtml::typing-notification-font = "italic light 8.0"
  # Change the color of the typing notification
  GtkIMHtml::typing-notification-color = "#ff0000"
  # Disable the typing notification
  GtkIMHtml::typing-notification-enable = 0

  # The following settings will change the behaviour in all GTK+ applications
  # Change the cursor color
  GtkWidget::cursor-color    = "#0000FF"
  GtkWidget::secondary-cursor-color = "#00FF00" #for mixed ltr and rtl
widget_class "*" style "my-style-name"

# This sets the expander size on a treeview to 0, which has the result
# of reducing the indent for items in the tree. This can be applied to the
# Pidgin buddy list to reduce the width of group and contact rows.
# With the recent (~2.0.0) buddy list changes this isn't particularly
# important anymore.
#style "my-narrow-tree"
#  GtkTreeView::expander_size = 0
# And apply the style to the buddy list:
#widget "*pidgin_blist_treeview" style "my-narrow-tree"

# In Pidgin, you can set custom keybindings in your theme.
# Here is an example to follow:

binding "my-bindings"
# enter inserts a newline
	bind "Return" { "insert-at-cursor" ("\n") }
# ctrl-s sends message
 	bind "<ctrl>s" { "message_send" () }
# shift-f1 toggles bold
	bind "<shft>F1" { "format_toggle" (1) }
# alt-f2 toggles italic
	bind "<alt>F2" { "format_toggle" (2) }
# Ctrl-alt-shift-f3 toggles underline
	bind "<ctrl><alt><shift>F3" { "format_toggle" (4) }

# Ctrl-v to paste as plain text
    bind "<ctrl>v" { "paste" ("text") }

# Ctrl-Shift-v for normal 'Paste'
    bind "<ctrl><shift>v" { "paste" ("html") }

widget "*pidgin_conv_entry" binding "my-bindings"

# This lets you edit your Pidgin key bindings from within Pidgin,
# by hovering over a menu item and hitting a key combo.
gtk-can-change-accels = 1
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