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    4949Many modern messenger protocols have the capability of sharing the user's screen, with or without remote control.  While this can be dangerous, viewing a shared desktop or sharing the local desktop is interesting to many users, particularly in managed environments.  The maintainers of the purple SIPE protocol have implemented RDP sharing over Lync, and are interested in helping Pidgin/libpurple adopt a protocol-agnostic interface for screen sharing as well as working with us to get XMPP screen sharing capabilities in place.
     51== Supporting Tools ==
     53=== Canary ===
     54A libpurple UI that watches the status of the IM networks and reports it back to a reporting server.  The clients would attempt to stay connected to the network and report on a set interval.  Ideally there would be many of these running all over the world all reporting to a redundant server.
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