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The theme.xml file, all sound files (along with any image preview) should be placed in $PURPLEHOME/themes/$THEMENAME/purple/sound/, where $PURPLEHOME by default is ~/.purple on Linux, and %APPDATA%\.purple on Windows.

Alternatively, in Linux the files can be put in /usr/share/themes/$THEMENAME/purple/sound/, or into $XDG_DATA_HOME/themes/$THEMENAME/purple/sound/, where $XDG_DATA_HOME defaults to ~/.local if not set.


A theme consists of a XML file called theme.xml, all of the sound files used by the theme, and an optional image preview/logo file.

The root node of the XML file contains all information about the theme including the name, author, type of theme (sound), as well as the name of a image file to display as a preview of the theme. The theme file should also contain a description element which gives a short description of the theme.

Under the root node, the theme should contain a list of event elements. Each event element should contain a name and a file attribute. The name attribute corresponds to the event for which the sound should be played, while the file attribute is the name of the file to play. A file can be used for multiple events and events can be left off so a sound is not played for a particular event. The event names are:

  • login - Buddy logs in
  • logout - Buddy logs out
  • im_recv - Message received
  • first_im_recv - Message received begins conversation
  • send_im - Message sent
  • join_chat - Person enters chat
  • left_chat - Person leaves chat
  • send_chat_msg - You talk in chat
  • chat_msg_recv - Others talk in chat
  • pounce_default - A Buddy Pounce is triggered
  • nick_said - Someone says your username in chat
  • got_attention - Attention received

An example theme would look like:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<theme type="sound" name="Example sound theme" author="Your name" image="logo.png">
	<description>This is an example theme.</description>
	<event name="login" file="contact_logged_on.mp3"/>
	<event name="logout" file="contact_logged_off.mp3"/>
	<event name="im_recv" file="im_received.mp3"/>
	<event name="first_im_recv" file="new_im_received.mp3"/>
	<event name="send_im" file="im_sent.mp3"/>
	<event name="join_chat" file="contact_logged_on.mp3"/>
	<event name="left_chat" file="contact_logged_off.mp3"/>
	<event name="send_chat_msg" file="chat_message_sent.mp3"/>
	<event name="chat_msg_recv" file="chat_message_received.mp3"/>
	<event name="pounce_default" file="pounce_default.mp3"/>
	<event name="got_attention" file="got_attention.mp3"/>
        <!-- event "nick_said" is not set-->

The full list of events can be found in the source code.

Note: Sound files must be in a format compatible with the sound playing method used (for example, only Wave files may be used on Windows)

Example Themes

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