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Third-Party Smiley Themes

This page is intended for smiley theme authors to make their themes more visible to users.

Theme Name Author Short Description
Advanced Smiley Package by Zenit All classic ICQ smileys and more
Advanced Smiley Package 2 Updated by gmolleda, originally by Zenit All classic ICQ smileys and more
Back to Basics mjponso Set of commonly-used basic flat-style smileys.
Cheeky inviticon Cheeky animated 3D puppet-look smileys
Emoji for Pidgin Updated by VxJasonxV, originally by kmf Emoji for Pidgin, Ported from Adium, Unicode Characters added
Emoji One for Pidgin Niclas Hoyer An Emoji One smiley theme for Pidgin (CC-BY-SA)
Facebook mehdevil Facebook Smileys pack for Pidgin (416 Smileys) Feedback/
Gaia Online mjponso The emotes and triggers from Gaia Online, converted to Pidgin format
GG12 M132 Emoticons from GG12
HipChat Emoticons ignisf HipChat's Emoticons downloaded and packaged for use with Pidgin. Preview
Kolobok (QIP set) KOLOBOK KOLOBOK set emoticons. 100+ animated (GIF) emoticons. Preview
Memeticons novalu Emoticon pack based on well known internet memes. Feedback/
Multi, the Pack .H. Facebook, Skype, Gtalk, Hangout, emoji, old themes, etc... And some buddy lists and sounds themes Preview Feedback Changelog
Noto Emoji White_Rabbit Complete Emoji set, forked from alexzah Theme pack with all default smiles and face emotes. Feedback/Suggestions
Ubitux Smiley set (default aMSN smiley set) ubitux, ersi Default aMSN Smileys
Unicode Emojis for Pidgin stv0g Full set of Unicode 6.0 symbols including Apple, Symbola and Android font
White Emoticons that work hook An easy to the eye white-ish theme
Yahoo! Messenger 8.1 Arash Default Yahoo! Messenger 8.1 Smileys (All 88 Smileys)
Yahoo! Messenger 9 dewcansam Default Yahoo! Messenger 9 Smileys (97 Smileys including Transformer)
Yahoo! Messenger 10 Hamed Valiolahi Default Yahoo! Messenger 10 Smileys (95 Smileys)
Yahoo! Messenger 11 Beta 3Dot Default Yahoo! Messenger 11 Beta Smileys (140 Smileys)

Third-Party Scripts to Import Smiley Themes

Scripts written to import smiley themes from other clients.


To get the Yahoo theme to work, you may have to edit the theme file and change the line # 7 from [Yahoo] to [default]. Just install the theme as described and search for the theme file in your .purple/smileys/yahoo directory. To install Yahoo theme unzip to Pidgin/pixmaps/pidgin/emotes/ and then select Yahoo! from Tools >> Prefs >> Smiley Themes

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