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Change History for UsingPidginMercurial

Version Date Author Comment
26 4 years Gary Kramlich
25 6 years John Bailey Fix grim's Trello board item about branches.
24 8 years rlaager We have moved to Bitbucket.
23 9 years datallah Add link to bitbucket clone.
22 10 years MarkDoliner Fix link to 404.
21 10 years MarkDoliner Change links to https
20 11 years datallah Updates, including information about private repos
19 11 years MarkDoliner Fix minor typo.
18 11 years datallah pet peeve - apostrophes for plurals
17 11 years John Bailey Some minor updates and tweaks.
16 11 years datallah Fix wiki syntax issues with Trac 1.0
15 12 years MarkDoliner
14 12 years datallah didn't end up having its history converted, so make this …
13 12 years datallah Added more information about the notification repo works
12 12 years datallah Further tweaks - remove the explicit ssh based cloning instructions …
11 12 years MarkDoliner Attempt to simply this text a bit. Trying to make it more likely that …
10 12 years MarkDoliner We're using Mercurial now, so make this present tense instead of …
9 12 years datallah Fix default-push settings
8 12 years John Bailey Add some info about configuring hg via hgrc
7 12 years datallah Update for forked hgcia
6 12 years datallah put note in correct list item
5 12 years datallah Add information about hooks, extensions
4 12 years datallah further updates - add instructions for using a 'default-push' [paths] entry
3 12 years John Bailey Add some more information about "root" access.
2 12 years John Bailey Initial, basic documentation.
1 12 years John Bailey Stub page to make links point to pages that exist.
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