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I'm acknowledged in the cyberworld as Akronix and I'm a GSoc 2015 Student for pidgin.

My project consists in porting libpurple changes from Instantbird to the original pidgin's libpurple.

This project also will have in consideration other projects using libpurple such the ones listed here.


  1. Add Structs for encapsulating UiOps?:
  1. Merge improvements by Instanbird made in the following:
    • Account management: accounts.c
    • Core: core.c
  1. Use preprocessor macros for disabling the following features of libpurple:
    • (todiscuss) nss encryption - certificate.h
    • logging, status management: idle, available.. - log.h util,
    • media local definitions - blist.h
    • xml configuration files (related code). accounts.c , prefs.c,...
  • Add "account-status-changing" signal
  • (todiscuss) libpurple location errors info support in instantbird's libpurple. instantbird keeps track of the lines causing an error and display it on the debug console.
  • (todiscuss) instantbird's proxy settings
  • (More to add)

Done Tasks


You can reach me by e-mail: akronix5[at];

or in the IRC/Jabber rooms as akronix/akronix5.

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