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I'm a final year student at NIIT University, India. I started working with Pidgin as part of Google Summer of Code 2015. The goal of my project is to implement Google+ Hangouts Protocol for libpuple3.

A major part of the project was to reverse engineer the protocol. Hangups played a key role in this step and was used as a reference in the initial design of the protocol, though the design was iterated many times over after thorough testing to make it suitable for libpurple.




The project is divided into following tasks to keep track of the progress of the implementation.

  1. Reverse engineer Hangouts protocol (done)
  2. Implementation of protocol in libpurple
    1. Authentication (done)
    2. Parse initial chat data (done)
    3. Connecting and subscribing to events on the channel (HTTP stream)
    4. API calls (done)
  3. Implementation of purple plugin specific code
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