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John Bailey (rekkanoryo)

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  • Migrate the C Plugin Howto to the wiki? Asked about in the XMPP conference.
    • This is in progress (strike-through formatting as each area is completed):
      • CHowTo/BasicPluginHowto
      • CHowTo/PluginActionsHowTo
      • CHowTo/ChoosingPluginIds
      • CHowTo/DebugAPIHowTo
      • CHowTo/NotifyAPIHowTo
      • CHowTo/RequestAPIHowTo
      • CHowTo/SignalsHowTo
    • We need people who can do How-To's for Perl, Tcl, and Mono plugins.
  • Include a Plugins wiki page that can be edited and show third-party plugins. Done.
  • New structure within .purple for UI and plugin benefit:
    • pixmaps subdirectory - Allow plugins installed to .purple to have a standardized pixmap location
    • themes subdirectory - Standardized location for smiley themes (obviously we need a migration path here), notification themes (for when Guifications 2.x gets absorbed into Pidgin), status icon themes, message themes/styles, and sound themes (which make sense given other existing and intended theme support).
      • themes/notifications for Guifications themes
      • themes/sounds for sound themes
      • themes/smileys for smiley themes
      • themes/messages for message styles/themes.
    • Some related API within libpurple:
      • Make the list of each type of themes available to UIs and plugins.
      • Make the contents of each theme available, perhaps via GList or hash table.
      • Both of the above make any UI or plugin wishing to do so to take advantage of a standardized theme format with a well thought-out and implemented access system already pre-made for them.
    • Standardize theme formats (would need buy-in from Adium, I suspect) such that we have a standard XML format that we could easily include a theme editor plugin or standalone application for.
      • Let's go ahead and change the Guifications themes to match the new status API. There are a lot of deficiencies in that theme format since it was based on the old status system and hasn't yet been updated to take advantage of the new system.
      • Let's change the smiley theme format, too. We can maintain backwards compatibility with the existing format if desired.
      • We can provide theme migration functionality to update themes to the new formats where practical and possible.
  • Wikify ChangeLog and ChangeLog.win32, in a similar vein to the suggestion in #3213. Done.

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Suggestion for FAQ/wiki page Using Finch

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Replace PluginPref API with Request API
Voice and Video Support - SIP Protocol

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