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Hey, I'm Will Thompson.

  • IRC: wjt on Freenode


Open tickets assigned to resiak

writing-{chat,im}-msg signals should use pointers to flags
PRPLs (among others) should fill in structs allocated by the core, rather than giving the core static structs, to avoid needing padding fields or sizeof-based magic
Not possible to switch between buddy list scrollbook pages with the keyboard.
API to validate account options without connecting
Debug window - Proxy error display
Excessively long verification message.

Open tickets reported by resiak

Keyboard control of new message icon in menu bar
SpreadPidginAvatars has no licensing information (and nor does the rest of the wiki)
Simple GCompareFunc-y API for adding sort methods to the buddy list
Use libarchive rather than shelling out to gzip and pals
XMPP screen name and domain should not be in separate fields.
Automatically reconnect accounts signed on elsewhere when you return from idle
Markerline and the in-window typing notifications interact badly
Uses the wrong jid when sending/receiving files to MUC participants

Summer of Code 2007

I worked on a Telepathy connection manager based on libpurple.

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