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I am Sadrul Habib Chowdhury. I work mostly on Finch (or the-application-previously-known-as-gaim-text) and libgnt.


  • freenode: sadrul
  • aim: adilshc
  • jabber: imadil@…
  • email: sadrul@…


Here's a list of stuff I want to have in Finch, libgnt, Pidgin and libpurple:

  • Finch
    • A plugin like markerline to mark the last viewed text in a chat/im.
    • A way to group conversation windows. This can probably be done using a plugin.
    • A 'Get Info' button in the authorization-request dialog. Done (the information is automatically retrieved and displayed)
  • libgnt
    • Split input strings to make sure everything works smoothly over a very slow connection. Done
    • A file selector. This will help implementing the file/folder selection in libpurple's request api. Done
    • Multiline textboxes.
    • Separator in trees.
    • Create a UI from an XML description. For example, "<vbox><label>Hello World</label><button>OK</button></vbox>" will generate a nice little dialog box. Done
    • A spell-checker. It would probably use Enchant, and be a plugin/external library, instead of built into libgnt.
    • An image-viewer. Perhaps use aalib for this. From a brief look, I think Designing a new driver is the way to go.
  • Pidgin
    • Move the history plugin into libpurple.
  • libpurple
    • Allow executing some perl/tcl etc codes using the respective plugin loaders without requiring to write a plugin. patch

If you find any of these interesting and want to implement them, feel free to contact me.

Other Stuff

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Open Tickets Assigned to Me

3.0.0 milestone tickets:

Replace PluginPref API with Request API

Patches Needing Improvement milestone tickets:

"View Log" (History) does not support Conference Chats (Multi-user chats)

Patches welcome milestone tickets:

Edit Icon Theme - Restart to default after pidgin closed
Official Plugin edit list and contact theme

milestone tickets:

purple_conversation_present doesn't seem to work
Datestamp plugin (feature request)
Datestamp plugin (feature request)

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