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Who I am

I'm the developer of Pidgin's Lotus Sametime support. I also work on the Meanwhile project, which is what the Sametime plugin uses to speak the Virtual Places protocol. I'm also the one to blame for the Psychic Mode plugin.


  • freenode: siege or egeis
  • aim: taliesein or nieseilat
  • yahoo: taliesein
  • jabber: siege@…
  • email: siege@…

What I'm working on

Not too much stuff, almost all of it related to Sametime

  • Meanwhile v2
    • GObject based, with GIOChannel support. Should clean up some of the prpl code
  • Sametime 7.5 integration
    • bump the reported version number in Pidgin to get around version filtering on the server
    • add support for the newer HTML and image features
    • fix idle-time broken-ness (which is all Lotus' fault)
  • Additional Pidgin Sametime features
    • P2P file transfer service
    • MwSession? export via DBUS
  • Multi-user selection dialog
    • similar to the file picker dialog, but intending just to select multiple buddies into a list
    • drag and drop, filtering, options for users not in the buddy list
    • useful for chat invitation and announcement messages in Sametime
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