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Mark Doliner is a developer on Pidgin and libpurple. He dabbles all over the place, but is better at working with the libpurple side of things, especially the oscar protocol. He's currently 28 and living in Sunnyvale, CA. He likes both milk and semi-sweet chocolate. He also works at meebo

Contact Info


  • Email: mark@…
  • XMPP: mark.doliner@…

Also good:

  • AIM: markdoliner
  • IRC: KingAnt in #pidgin on
  • MSN: markdoliner@…
  • Yahoo!: markdoliner

Other Developers Who I've Met (in real life!)

I'm trying to collect them all.

  • Ethan Blanton
  • Ka-Hing Cheung
  • Rob Flynn
  • Christian Hammond
  • Casey Ho
  • Ivan Komarov
  • Mark Huetsch
  • Gary Kramlich
  • Richard Laager
  • Elliott Sales de Andrade
  • Mark Spencer
  • Nathan Walp
  • Eric Warmenhoven

Open Patches Assigned to MarkDoliner

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Open Tickets Assigned to MarkDoliner

Allow sending and receiving directories

Open Tickets Submitted by MarkDoliner and not assigned to him

SIP/SIMPLE improvements from Chris Brody
Remove "local" parameter of purple_privacy_allow()
Drop authorization requests from users who are on our block list
Stop prepending underscores to UI strings
Don't allow writing to SSL socket until handshake is finished
Investigate whether to remove purple_conversation_do_command
Duplicate calls to purple_xfer_set_bytes_sent()

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