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Patches Needing Review

Sound event for new email
XMPP: Implement XEP-0172: User Nickname
Selecting multiple things within pidgin
Own User Info background color reverts to white on edit
UPnP timeout period is ridiculously long
File transfer dialog should have "remove finished" button
SIP/SIMPLE improvements from Chris Brody
Add requests not visible without opening the buddy list
Padding around chat window is unnecessary
conversation signals: message formats are inconsistent
"You have dragged an image" dialog box needs improvement.
Block and close from right-click on conversation tab
Change close_immediate preference to not be so confusing
Log window inconvenience - dialog
Automaticaly wrap menu in buddy list window
Tray notification for jabber groupchats
[Linux] Include script to globaly save/change/restore status using root privileges
Mouse release event not picked up by buddy list when creating new chat window
Permit to enable/disable component on windows installer
Remember language spell check for contact.
The window of the conversation is being opened in the left upper corner
Finch Irssi window manager draws conversation window at wrong X coordinate
[PATCH] history.с plugin, new features
Patch to add out-of-band DTMF support
libgnt arrow keys not working properly under urxvt
patch: Two more one-liners: Add pidgin_auto_parent_window to the custom smileys dialog and the "Add buddy pounce" dialog
SILC customizable names
separate color option for gchat "do not disturb" vs "away"
Add an option to change the typing indicator
Pidgin launcher icon
auto idle doesn't work for UNAVAILABLE
Display subjects for messages on XMPP
ntrack support for networkmanager independent network online/offline tracking onlinux
Add gcc and linker hardening options to
Ability to create 1000+ accounts
Patch: Do not create useless PurpleStatus-es for every PurplePresence
Sort the 'Move to' buddy menu
XEP-0108 (User Activity) support
unsupported italics at IRC incoming msgs
"Attention" messages in an established XMPP conversation are sent to a bogus Jabber ID
Make the "Send To" menu item persist
sslconn: Allow protocol plugins to set flags customizing SSL connection behavior
Pidgin sends multiple "session-accept" stanzas as response to a Jingle "session-inititate"
Identical nicknames with different case in (XMPP) chatroom: both disappear when one leaves
send message (webview) in buddy pounce is unusable
Changing group-wide "show when offline" option leads to per-contact "show when offline" settings loss
Support XEP-0313 aka MAM (Message Archive Mgmt)
Fix glitches in sorting by status
Set transient for flag for tooltip windows
xep-0077 In-Band-Registration Redirect
Add a preference to disable the docklet changing it's icon when there are unread messages
add option to force use of file transfer proxies in jabber
Jabber capabilities not updated properly when new presence recieved
notify: Fine-grained notification when the nick is mentioned in a chat
[PATCH] SILC prpl fixes and enhancements
Pidgin-IRC leaks (OS) user name
Play sound on incoming call (ring tone)
Call progress logging (missed calls logging)
various uPnP and STUN and IPv6 issues
SIP/SIMPLE: discarding unknown NOTIFYs causes SIP server to resend
XMPP group chat history is duplicated
Please do not filter -Wall from CFLAGS
[PATCH] Pidgin does not reconnect when NM report connectivity is back up
[PATCH] Reconnecting when regaining connectivity sometimes fails
Port libpurple Python scripts to pydbus and Python 2+3
Port finch's pietray to pydbus + PyGI + GTK3 + StatusNotifierItem

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