Change History for Telepathy

Version Date Author Comment
16 9 years resiak Split Haze information off to its own page.
15 9 years StTwister
14 10 years resiak haze moved to git
13 11 years resiak the haze darcs repo has moved; the old URL redirected to the new one, …
12 11 years resiak Update status; remove checklist from this page now that haze bugs are …
11 11 years resiak 0.1.1 released
10 11 years resiak I decided haze was 0.1-quality.
9 11 years resiak I implemented typing notifications
8 11 years resiak A new, fixed libmissioncontrol was released.
7 11 years resiak Update status of tp-haze --- avatars are supported.
6 11 years resiak haze works with released libpurples; link to libmissioncontrol patch; …
5 11 years resiak More things that need to be implemented in Haze
4 11 years resiak I implemented presence
3 11 years resiak status update
2 11 years resiak Better formatting of checklist
1 11 years resiak Paraphrase relevant bits of my SoC proposal, and describe the …
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