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I think these should be filed as tickets with appropriate milestones. -- rlaager

Catch up on protocol features

  • Upgrade Yahoo!

Voice and Video


We should definitely work on this. -- lschiere

Privacy Rewrite


Small features

  • Allow creating chat-rooms and inviting a bunch of people at the same time. Prpl-option flags can be used for protocols that support it (MSN, Y!M currently?). There can be a menu-item which will be enabled only if one of the connected accounts is capable of doing this. The callback request-dialog will show only the capable accounts (using some filter-function) and use siege's multi-user selection dialog.
  • Improve the IRC protocol by adding support for some commonly used non-standard stuff. Possibly open an IM for each irc-account where all the non-standard messages can be dumped (somewhat like the server-tabs in some other irc clients). This way, users will see some output for, eg. "/mode #channel +b". I don't personally use any of this, and the current prpl is just fine for my use (send and receive messages). But I believe this is a widely requested feature. Since we do cater to popular demands, I think this can be included in the list.
  • The command-API should be improved. For example, plugins should be able to register and unregister commands using itself as the handle, much like how it's done for signal-connects/prefchange-callbacks. Also, there should be an args flag to send all the arguments in separate words, so plugins don't have to strsplit them all the time.
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