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The Road to Pidgin


Looking good. They're all in svn

Lawyers decided it wasn't worth $200 to have their changes (which were basically just clarifications) vetted, so we're going with his original contract. The contract will be mailed to me tomorrow morning, for signature, then to Ethan for co-signature. We'll wire him the money. He starting this week.

Bank Account

Ethan got one this morning.


They have first draft of settlement; have not responded. Will bug them later when the other things on this list are closer to completion

I think they should be bugged sooner, rather than later. There is no reason to believe they will respond promptly. --elb

I'm sure they won't respond promptly. That said, the logo guy will take about a month and a half, and will probably start this week or next. The webpage (and other icon work) is pending on that. We have only 30 days once we get everything signed, so I'd prefer to err on the "too much time" side (despite how painful the wait is). --seanegan

Pidgin Website

Planning for a new PidginWebsite



I am definitely liking monotone. we should switch to it ;-) --lschiere


Tickets to Be Resolved before Going Public

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